Dinglong Group Launches Patented Safe Solution Range

Dinglong Group Launches Patented Safe Solution Range

Dinglong Group Launches Patented Safe Solution Range

Dinglong Group Launches Patented Safe Solution RangeProving its commitment to innovation, Dinglong Group has launched patented Safe Solution Laser Cartridges that are guaranteed to provide a smoother printing experience. The range already covers HP/Canon, HP/Samsung, Brother, and Xerox, with even more models and upgraded solutions to be launched this year.

For customers with an HP printer, there are many different options. The HP 117/118 series is perfect for buyers with an HP/Samsung. For HP/Canon printers, Safe Solution cartridge models include:

  • CE505/CE255/CF226
  • CF217/CF230
  • CF400/CF410 series
  • CB540/CC530 series
  • CF360/CF450 series

For use with Brother printers, Dinglong Group currently provides:

  • TN431 series
  • TN1000/TN1035 series
  • TN450 series
  • TN850 series

And finally, Dinglong Group’s current range of Safe Solution laser cartridges for Xerox includes:

  • C400 series
  • 6020 series
  • 6510 series

With all of these patented Safe Solution cartridges, customers are guaranteed the smoothest possible printing experience. Additionally, Dinglong Group is respected internationally within the copier consumables industry. The group’s commitment to research and development prevents any infringement on the intellectual property of OEMs, and fosters innovation.

Dinglong Group is the ultimate one-stop shop for all copier consumable needs. The new range of patented Safe Solution laser cartridges ensure a premium printing experience, and customers eagerly await the upcoming expansion of the range this year.

About Dinglong

Hubei Dinglong Group is the ultimate one-stop solution for display materials, imaging and printing, and integrated circuit chips. Based in Wuhan, China, Dinglong Group has been a giant in the copier consumables industry from its creation 20 years ago. The group boasts over 2600 global staff, 1000 patents, and a stellar reputation. Dinglong Group’s incorporation of daughter companies into their business strategy provides the perfect one-stop-shop for customers.



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