Dinglong Values Sustainability

Dinglong Values Sustainability

Dinglong Values SustainabilityMore and more companies are focusing on sustainability as worries about the climate crisis rise. Dinglong Group is once again ahead of the curve, revealing extensively sustainable practices embedded in its business model.

Hubei Dinglong Group is a titan of the copier consumables industry. Based in Wuhan, China, Dinglong Group is the ultimate one-stop solution for display materials, imaging and printing, and integrated circuit chips. The group boasts over 2600 global staff, 1000 patents, and 20 years of experience, with a stellar domestic and international reputation. Dinglong Group’s incorporation of daughter companies into their business strategy provides the perfect one-stop-shop for customers.

Dinglong Group sees the value in operating sustainability. “Green is the future, this is our mission,” said a company spokesperson. She explained, “We have strong roots in sustainability as the top recycled inkjet consumables business, and we will continue to focus on sustainability in the aftermarket printing consumables industry.”

Sustainable practises are implemented at every level of Dinglong Group. The company follows both national and ROSH/REACH standards throughout the manufacturing process. During laser and inkjet cartridge manufacturing, Dinglong Group stays environmentally friendly by only allowing sewage treatment for waste. Additionally, each remanufactured cartridge that is collected, processed and refreshed for new customers has a profound environmental impact. A single remanufactured cartridge will avoid polluting 1 ton of clean water, consume 0.57L less oil, and release 1.43L less CO2.

As for Dinglong Group’s daughter companies, customers can be sure of similarly sustainable practises. “Our daughter companies have experience in this industry, some over 20 years. Their chips, laser cartridges and inkjet cartridges have developed an excellent reputation over a dozen years in the overseas market. We have no reason to doubt that the whole group will do the right thing,” said the company spokesperson.

As customers look more and more for environmentally friendly options, Dinglong Group’s transparent sustainability practises are proving mutually beneficial. The group proves a good business can grow without sacrificing quality of production, service, reputation, OR the planet.



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