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Dinglong Group Positions as the Ultimate One-Stop Shop

Dinglong Group Positions as the Ultimate One-Stop Shop

Dinglong Group Positions as the Ultimate One-Stop ShopChina-based Dinglong has integrated upstream and downstream industrial chains to successfully incorporate daughter companies into their business strategy, providing the perfect one-stop-shop for customers.

Hubei Dinglong Group is a one-stop solution for copy consumables based in Wuhan, China. With over 2600 global staff, 1000 patents, and 20 years of experience, Dinglong Group is a titan of the industry.

Dinglong Group facilitates innovation by investing heavily in research and development. The company boasts over 1000 domestic and international patents, thus avoiding any infringement on the intellectual property of OEMs and fostering high regard internationally. Dinglong Group focuses on display materials, imaging and printing, and integrated circuit chips.

The company shows expertise in manufacturing and providing display materials as the sole manufacturer of liquid polyimide in China, with a unique polyimide coating lab. Dinglong Group also pioneered Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPI) in China. Furthermore, the group is the 2nd largest player in aftermarket imaging and printing, managing a full supply chain in the printing industry. Integration and synergy are prioritised, and patent safe solutions are implemented at all stages.

Dinglong Group is proud of its products, but they don’t stop there. “Products and service are an equal top priority for Dinglong,” said a company spokesperson. She explained, “We can provide high-quality toner powders, chips, and finished products with patented safe solutions. But we recognise that efficiently meeting customer needs is essential, which is why we are a top one-stop solution for copy consumables.”

Dinglong Group’s investment in research and development, careful structuring, manufacturing expertise and excellent service combine to make a hugely successful business. The company continues to expand globally and garner a reputation for efficiently provided high-quality products. Dinglong Group is THE one-stop solution for copy consumables.



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