Dinglong Group Thrives Through COVID-19 Crisis

Dinglong Group Thrives Through COVID-19 Crisis

Dinglong Group Thrives Through COVID-19 Crisis

Dinglong Group Thrives Through COVID-19 CrisisThe COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc upon international business, and companies have scrambled to retain financial viability. However, Dinglong Group has remained calm throughout the crisis, and the measured response has served the company well.

Dinglong Group prides itself on the company’s ability to persevere, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented hurdle for domestic and international business. “We are always preparing to withstand new challenges, and the last two years have been no different,” said a company spokesperson. She explained, “We have to accept that the world has changed and move with it, not against it.”

To Dinglong Group, the impacts of the pandemic are simply normal life now. The company works tirelessly to ensure the same high-quality products and excellent service they were known for pre-pandemic, but this is business as usual. Reflecting this is Dinglong Group’s notable growth in 2021, a result of sales increases in printer chips and remanufactured ink cartridges.

As for the human element of sales, Dinglong Group is always looking for new channels to connect with customers. The company spokesperson said, “We have continued to look after our loyal overseas customers, and we would love to meet more customers.” For now, channels such as LinkedIn are used to connect with international and domestic buyers.

Dinglong Group shows that with a flexible attitude and expert management of resources, most challenges are survivable. Customers still enjoy excellent service over a multitude of platforms, and products are guaranteed to have the same high-quality buyers are accustomed to. It is safe to assume that Hubei Dinglong Group will continue to grow in all conditions.

About Dinglong

Hubei Dinglong Group is a one-stop solution for copy consumables with a reputation for high-quality products and excellent service. Based in Wuhan, China, Dinglong Group have spent 20 years of industry experience expanding domestically and internationally. They have integrated upstream and downstream industrial supply chains to provide an efficient one-stop-shop. Dinglong Group is a titan of the industry, now encompassing over 2600 global staff and 1000 patents.



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