Zhono Provides Technical Guides for Sharp Copiers Prompts

Zhono Provides Technical Guides for Sharp Copiers Prompts

Zhono Provides Technical Guides for Sharp Copiers Prompts

Zhono provides a comprehensive guide for common prompt codes on Sharp color copiers. The company offer details explanation of the reasons for these codes and respective solutions.

No. Prompt Code Reason
1 F2-70(K) / 71(C) / 72(M) / 73(Y) Improper Cartridge
2 F2-74(K) / 75(C) / 76(M) / 77(Y) Toner Chip Communication Error
3 F2-64(K) / 65(C) / 66(M) / 67(Y) Toner Supply Error
4 F3-12、F3-22 Printer Overheated


Prompt code 1: F2-70(K)/71(C)/72(M)/73(Y)

Prompt message: Improper cartridge

Zhono Provides Technical Guides for Sharp Copiers PromptsPossible reasons:

  1. Incorrect toner chip version

If an incorrect version of the toner chip is installed, the code F2-70 will appear on the screen, staring with the K (black) chip.

  1. Chip installed with a mismatched color or in the incorrect position

Ensure the chip is installed in the correct position

  1. Repeated serial numbers

The prompt may appear if the serial number of a chip has previously been used on the copier, or a reused chip has reached the end of its lifespan. Attention that this issue will not arise in Zhono Sharp compatible chips.


Prompt code 2: F2-70(K)/71(C)/72(M)/73(Y)

Prompt message: Cartridge error

Possible reasons:

  1. The hardware components, or IC of the chips are burned out
  2. The chip is physically damaged, such as solder joints with poor contact, loosening, or detachment etc.


Prompt code 3: F2-64(K)/65(C)/66(M)/67(Y)

Prompt message: Call for service

Possible reasons:

  1. Insufficient toner in the toner cartridge

Please confirm the remaining toner level first, then insert the cartridge into the copier to check the toner flow.

  1. Insufficient carrier

If there is not enough carrier in the developer unit, the copier will keep refilling the developer unit from the toner cartridge with toner and the copier will remain in a state of insufficient carrier. If all toner flows into the waste toner box, add carrier and begin carrier initialization operations.


Prompt code 4: F3-12/F3-22

Prompt message: Call for service. Paper tray desk trouble.

Possible reason: The copier has overheated


  1. This prompt does not impact the normal functioning of the copier. It only occurs when the copier prints while overheated. In such instance, please power off the copier, cool it down, and then resume operation.
  2. When the prompt code still frequently appears on the screen during normal printing, it may be that a sensor is overly sensitive. It is recommended to contact after-sales service for inspection and repair.

Zhono Provides Technical Guides for Sharp Copiers Prompts



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