Dinglong Expands Product Range to Meet All Customer Needs

Dinglong Expands Product Range to Meet All Customer Needs

Dinglong Expands Product Range to Meet All Customer Needs

Dinglong Expands Product Range to Meet All Customer NeedsHubei Dinglong Group is a titan of the copier consumables industry based in Wuhan, China. Boasting over 2600 global staff and 1000 patents, Dinglong Group is the best one-stop solution for display materials, imaging and printing, and integrated circuit chips. Customers recognise them as providers of high-quality products and excellent service.

Dinglong Group incorporates a wide range of daughter companies, each with extensive industry experience and high-quality products. Together they provide full product lines for customers all around the world, focusing on accessibility and excellent service. This structure also ensures that each product is researched and developed in a specialised environment because daughter companies can focus on specific components. For example, Hubei Dinglong Chemical Company Ltd. focuses on toner powder and is now the largest compatible powder manufacturer.

Products are expertly manufactured and available to customers in all corners of the globe, but that’s not all. Dinglong Group is constantly investing in the R&D of new patented products, which has earned the group respect and fostered innovation within the copier consumables industry. Now more than ever, the group is positioned to be a one-stop solution for customers.

One of Dinglong Group’s newest product lines is their patented Safe Solution laser cartridges. The cartridges ensure the smoothest printing experience for customers, and already cover HP/Canon, HP/Samsung, Brother, and Xerox printers. More models and upgraded solutions for the range are set to launch in 2022, ensuring that customers everywhere will have access to premium laser cartridges.

Dinglong Group prides itself on being the best one-stop solution for customers, with efficient integration and a commitment to R&D. As the group’s product range is set to expand further in 2022, this is set to be an exciting year for Dinglong Group and its loyal customers.



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