Zhono Discusses LATAM Chip Business with Mexican Distributor

Zhono Discusses LATAM Chip Business with Mexican Distributor

In today’s competitive global market, businesses must prioritize the localization of their products and services to achieve success in overseas markets. This is not just a sound business strategy, but shows concern for the local customer base and offers a more rapid response time to local customers’ needs.

As an independent chip supplier committed to the global consumables market, Zhono values strong strategic cooperation with its overseas distributors. At the end of April 2024, the Zhono team arrived in Mexico to have a strategic conference with Compuaccesorios, a well-known distributor with whom Zhono has been collaborating for many years. During the meeting, both sides engaged in thoughtful discussions on how to further enhance the distribution of Zhono products in Latin America. They also discussed how to better optimize the local market services and provide customers in Latin America with products and solutions that exceed their expectations.

Zhono Discusses LATAM Chip Business with Mexican Distributor

On the day of the meeting in Mexico, the Zhono team presented an overview of the current global printer market to the Compuaccesorios team. Zhono colleagues introduced the latest products and services that Zhono can offer to global markets and customers in the face of a challenging and competitive market. Zhono also offered expertise on chip technology, helping the Compuaccesorios team to gain a deeper understanding of products from a technical perspective and thereby meet the technical needs of local customers, providing them with the most suitable solutions. The Compuaccesorios team detailed the uniqueness of the Mexican and Latin American markets. They shared market insights and suggestions for product improvements and localized services. This valuable direction will be a crucial component for forming Zhono’s business strategies and actions in the Mexican and Latin American markets. The Zhono team promptly made promotional and sales plans based on the Compuaccesorios team’s suggestions and their provided market guidance.

Zhono Discusses LATAM Chip Business with Mexican Distributor

Next, the Zhono team visited the Compuaccesorios teams’ four distribution centers. Each center is equipped with an independent “chip station,” where numerous Zhono compatible chips were displayed. This demonstrates that the Compuaccesorios company highly recognizes and trusts Zhono and Zhono product quality and shows the solid relationship between the two companies. According to Menny, the head of the Compuaccesorios team, in the Mexican and Latin American markets Zhono’s chips are highly praised by customers for the wide range of models, consistent quality, and quick after-sales service. Menny also emphasized that it is because of Zhono’s high-quality products and services that they have gained an edge in the fierce local market competition and have rapidly increased their market share. Compuaccesorios’ effective market strategies have also made Zhono better known in the local consumables market. Both have successfully achieved a mutually beneficial cooperation. After this meeting, the Zhono team and the Compuaccesorios team are more confident in developing the local market. Both teams reached a consensus on improving product quality and optimizing service, carrying out efficient marketing activities, and creating real value for local customers, thereby strengthening the Mexican and Latin American markets for both companies.

Local Chip Station

Local Warehouse

After the tour, the Compuaccesorios team warmly invited the Zhono team to dinner. During the meal, Menny said that they had gained a deeper understanding of Zhono’s products, technology, and future development plans. They look forward to establishing a closer association with Zhono. The Zhono team firmly believes that through this meeting, both companies can not only deepen an understanding of each other’s businesses, but also bring new energy to the anticipated future growth. Zhono expects to create more possibilities with all its distributors, and Zhono values any feedback from local customers to optimize and improve the offered products and services.

Zhono presented a special commemorative gift, the “Zhono 10th Anniversary Gold Chip,” to express our gratitude and recognition.

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