Xerox Rumored to Be Using Ninestar Toner

Xerox Rumored to Be Using Ninestar Toner

Xerox Rumored to Be Using Ninestar Toner

Xerox Rumored to Be Using Ninestar TonerXerox is moving back into using aftermarket supplies with its managed print services and allegedly will use toners sourced from Ninestar in China.

Xerox, the largest MPS provider in America, as well as a key player in Europe, has introduced its own line of aftermarket toner with its “Everyday Toner” program. Many of the printers it services are not Xerox devices. This included printers as well as copiers.

Products that will be used include new-build compatible cartridges as well as replacement cartridges.

A reliable source has requested to remain anonymous but has told RT Media, “Xerox will use Ninestar toners for its non-Xerox A4 printers. For A3 copiers and devices, Xerox will use toners sources from Katun.”

OEM printer companies have long been opposed to aftermarket supplies–claiming issues such as lower print quality, issues related to printer functionality and potential for refusal to enforce printer warranties. Now we see that Xerox is satisfied that aftermarket suppliers can provide non-infringing, quality and high-yield products suitable for the MPS environment.

The competitive toner will reportedly initially include both A3 and A4 remanufactured and new-build cartridges from nine competitors: Brother, Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba.

This is not Xerox’s first venture into aftermarket supplies as it had previously developed and produced certain conventional and chemical toners for competitive printers, but those toners were supplied in bulk to certain aftermarket suppliers. It has been quite well known that Xerox has used Print-Rite cartridges and toners as well as remanufactured finished products from Clover.

Xerox Holland “Venray” will be the main distributor of these products in Europe.



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