Toner Ink News August 2020: XEROX Uses Newbuilds

Toner Ink News: XEROX Uses Newbuilds

Toner Ink News: XEROX Uses Newbuilds

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XEROX Back Into Aftermarket Supplies

Toner Ink News August 2020: XEROX Uses NewbuildsOEM printer companies have long been opposed to aftermarket supplies–claiming issues such as lower print quality, issues related to printer functionality and potential for refusal to enforce printer warranties. Now we see that Xerox has introduced its own line of aftermarket toner with its “Everyday Toner” program.

The competitive toner will reportedly initially include both A3 and A4 remanufactured and new-build cartridges from nine competitors: Brother, Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba.

This is not Xerox’s first venture into aftermarket supplies as it had previously developed and produced certain conventional and chemical toners for competitive printers, but those toners were supplied in bulk to certain aftermarket suppliers.

Sakata INK has developed the environmentally- friendly UV curable ink BSR-Bio, with 20-30% plant-derived content. Sakata claims to be using proprietary dispersion technology to produce the nano-pigment inks in a range of options including CMYK plus orange, green, violet. The inks are being used in Barberan SA Jetmaster digital corrugated box printers

The Hubergroup has formed an independent subsidiary, Hubergroup Chemicals Division, to integrate colorants and resins and better serve inks and coatings markets. Some of the products offered by this new group include resins such as polyurethane, polyamide, and ketone; UV- curable resins and pigment concentrates. In 2006, Hubergroup acquired Indian’s Micro Inks.

Evonik Industries has established the Center for Structured Polymers technology in Austin, TX, with an objective of advancing 3D additive manufacturing using powder bed fusion materials technology. The original operation Structured Polymers was initially formed in 2012 and acquired by Evonik in 2018.

Digital Textile Printing Conference scheduled for October 15-16 will now be held digitally.

Konica Minolta has introduced the bizhub C750i A3 size multifunction color printer. Print speeds are up to 75 monochrome/70 color ppm.

Ricoh has introduced the IM C530FB A4 color multifunction printer. Output is up to 55 ppm black or color and up to 1200×1200 dpi. The starting price is $9445.

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