Armor Expands Logistics in Morocco

Armor Expands Logistics in Morocco

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Armor Print Solutions is extending its logistics platform in Bir Jdid, Morocco, according to

This will see its surface area expand from 1,500 m² to 11,500 m² this year. It will also be equipped with new docks to allow multiple orders to be loaded simultaneously.

Intended for the storage of components and empty cartridges, as well as the personalization and storage of remanufactured cartridges, its extension supports the growth of Armor Print Solutions in Europe, alongside its 3,600 m² Nantes platform and its Polish of 2,100 m².

”At Armor Print Solutions, we implement intelligent logistics management that takes into account the specificities of each of our logistics platforms located in France, Poland and Morocco. The recent logistical improvements we have made to our Moroccan industrial sites directly benefit our customers. The inauguration of new warehouses now allows us to store more than 12,000 pallets, allowing better product availability,” explains Philippe Alanou, supply chain manager at Armor Print Solutions.


A heavyweight in printing solutions

Offering to reuse print cartridges, Armor Print Solutions’ activity is based on a circular economy model. Its globalized and eco-responsible printing solutions include remanufactured cartridge offers (through its OWA brand), managed printing services (Dyalog), and semi-industrial water-based inks (Armor Industrial Inks Lab).

Present on the three major technologies – laser, copier and inkjet – Armor Print Solutions claims to cover more than 95% of the European printer fleet, and to occupy an important position on the market for the design and manufacture of transfer ribbons dedicated to printing variable traceability data on labels and flexible packaging. Established in around twenty countries, the group recorded a turnover of 447 million euros in 2022 for a total workforce of 2,500 employees.



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