Remanufacturer Launches Recycling APP

An entrepreneurial cartridge remanufacturer has launched a mobile app for recycling electronic waste in Egypt.

Essam Hashem, founder of Spearink, a company that recycles and refurbishes empty cartridges for remanufacturing in Egypt, has launched Dr. WEEE, the mobile app, to raise awareness about e-waste.

According to its GooglePlay description, the app will connect people holding e-waste including empty cartridges with carriers to pick up the items. The app gives points to individuals or companies for the items they recycle. Once they have enough points they can receive cash rewards or gift vouchers.

The name “Dr. WEEE” comes from the internationally recognized acronym “WEEE” for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, which includes printer cartridges, cellphones, computers, chargers and batteries.

According to Hashem, a green-haired cartoon character donning giant glasses and a long lab coat is the logo that represents a fictional character dedicated to solving e-waste problems.

Continuous technological development in the region has created a huge need to sensibly dispose of electronic waste. A 2014 United Nations report ranked Egypt as having the highest e-waste generation in Africa—an estimated at 37 million tons, according to Al Monitor.

Hashem is one of RT Media’s partners bringing the first printing consumables event to Cairo on April 23 and 24. The RTISE—EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) expo and summit will be held in the InterContinental Hotel CityStars.

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