Ninestar G&G Recycles 100K Cartridges

Ninestar G&G Recycles 100K Cartridges

Ninestar G&G Recycles 100K Cartridges

Ninestar G&G Recycles 100K CartridgesIn just over a year after commencing its own Going Green environmental program, Ninestar’s G&G supplies brand has recycled almost 110,000 inkjet printer cartridges returned by its customers in Europe and the USA.

G&G officially started the cartridge recycling program in Europe and the USA in July 2020 as part of its long-standing commitments for a greener planet. G&G continues to make progress towards its goal, despite the challenging environment caused by COVID-19.

It began cooperating with USPS in the USA and PostNL in Europe back in 2019 before the recycling program was officially announced.

“The G&G recycling program provides consumers with a free and easy method to achieve their goal of reducing environmental footprint,” said Eric Zhang (pictured above), the General Manager of Ninestar Image. “Consumers have returned their used ink cartridges using the postage-paid envelope enclosed in the packaging of all G&G cartridges.”

By the end of 2020, the G&G—which could also be called Going Green—recycling program made some impressive progress with about 110,000 cartridges being returned to China. Many consumers used the postage-paid envelope provided by G&G at the same time they put the full G&G cartridge into their printer. So, many of the returned cartridges are empty OEM or other third-party cartridges. These cartridges are sorted, cleaned and where possible, reused. The broken or unusable cartridges are recycled into an accredited recycling program.

“Thanks to those customers who are willing to put their words into action by supporting the G&G recycling program,” Zhang added. “It’s vital that manufacturers, importers, distributors and downstream users within the supply chain work together to help drive change at scale. G&G will continue its efforts to make a difference for the planet and we hope more people will join us.”

The Ninestar Corporation celebrated its twentieth birthday on June 28, 2020 and claims it is using this anniversary to not only be recognized as the leading firm in the third-party supplies industry but to be visibly green with environmentally friendly products. Since 2000, Ninestar has invested extensively in abilities to quickly bring to market the industry’s technologically advanced products. Today, Ninestar’s G&G-branded products are recognized around the world for their superior performance and reliability, and now their environmental benefits as well.

Ninestar G&G Recycles 100K Cartridges


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