Ninestar G&G Declare its Cartridges to be Safe rtmworld

Ninestar G&G Declare its Cartridges to be Safe

Ninestar G&G Declare its Cartridges to be Safe

Following the news that some non-OEM, new-built cartridges failed emission tests in Europe, G&G, a key brand of the China-based Ninestar group, has declared its products to be safe.

According to a report issued by ETIRA, the cartridge remanufacturers association in Europe, the range of failures in the new-build cartridges includes excessive levels of cobalt, benzene and naphthalene which may cause an allergic skin reaction, allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled, or genetic defects and damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure and even the possibility of causing cancers.

Ruby Wei, a spokesperson from G&G, told RT Media. “G&G regularly submits products to SGS, a world-class leading, third-party inspection company,” she said. “All G&G products are verified by SGS to make sure they comply with Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) restrictions, REACH regulations, and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

She added, “Ninestar, the owner of the G&G brand, is one of the few manufacturers in the aftermarket that has passed the IECQ HSPM QC 080000 certification. This means Ninestar’s control of hazardous substances is in line with international standards.”

Ninestar G&G Declare its Cartridges to be Safe rtmworld

Ninestar G&G Declare its Cartridges to be Safe rtmworld

Ninestar G&G Declare its Cartridges to be Safe rtmworld

Ninestar’s G&G claims it:

  • conducts supplier audits adhering to a number of international standards and its in-house policies, ensuring they deliver qualified raw materials;
  • takes all hazardous substance control precautions in the process of turning raw materials into finished products with the G&G lab conducting random quality inspections on each batch of products before they are shipped.

“The original aspiration in using the emperor penguin as G&G’s mascot was to remind distributors and consumers alike that eco-friendly products are at the very core and the nature of G&G products,” Wei explained.

According to a press statement issued by G&G, the printer supplies market is highly competitive and consumers have a choice of OEM genuine, remanufactured, patent-safe compatible (new-build) and clone (new-build copies of the OEM) cartridges for their devices. While the price has always been the first reason for choice by consumers, choosing better quality, safe and environmentally friendly products has become increasingly more important in recent times. “Today’s consumers are highly aware of how their choices are impacting the world around them and governments are pushing hard for stricter environmental regulations.”

Wei noted that a price-driven market ends up becoming a “race to the bottom” for suppliers. “Ninestar and G&G are not interested in a price war that comes at the expense of product quality, let alone environmental compliance. We aim to deliver quality, non-infringing, environmentally-conscious printing consumables that customers can feel safe to buy and use.”


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