New Distributor for Remanufactured Printers

New Distributor for Remanufactured Printers

LMI, regarded as the U.S. No.2 remanufacturer of printer cartridge supplies has found a new partner to distribute its remanufactured printers.

LMI Solutions (LMI) has been successfully remanufacturing MPS-ready printers and MFPs (see pictures) that can immediately use remanufactured cartridges. Users get an effectively new printer as opposed to buying a brand new printer that may not have aftermarket supplies available.

According to ENX Magazine, LMI has established a strategic partnership with Mississippi-based Impression Solutions (ISI). The distributor claims to possess a client base of 1,000 resellers. In addition to offering the full line of LMI printer hardware, it will also provide LMI remanufactured toner, parts and service offerings. ISI maintains that they have a compelling story on combining the best aftermarket products with its own proven reseller prosperity model. The LMI offerings are said to be merged with ISI’s innovative reseller rewards platform, pre/post sales technical support and enhanced warranty management.

Terry Dixon, President of LMI Solutions, said: “ISI has an innovative and comprehensive approach to training and supporting value added resellers in the channel and a proven track record that has enabled them to become the foremost Kyocera, Oki and Epson distributor in the USA. As such we feel ISI is uniquely qualified to leverage our entire portfolio of products to help dealers achieve their business objectives”.

They claim the benefits offered to authorized resellers joining the “MPS Ready Program” to be:
1. Remanufactured HP printer hardware that ships with an LMI extended yield toner cartridge offering up to double the amount of pages out of the box compared to a new device;
2. Labor reimbursement on approved warranty calls;
3. Sales Person Incentive Fund;
4. Generous Rebate program on all future LMI toner and parts purchases;
5. Video Based Service Technician training on all LMI printer models.
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