Ninestar G&G Printers Offer Business an Economical Option

Ninestar G&G Printers Offer Business an Economical Option

Ninestar G&G Printers Offer Business an Economical Option

Ninestar G&G Printers Offer Business an Economical OptionChina-based Ninestar’s G&G brand has responded to the impact of COVID-19on businesses with its release of its P4100 and M4100 devices.

According to Ninestar Imaging boss, Eric Zhang (pictured), G&G is the first aftermarket supplies brand to also provide printers for the global market.

“In these turbulent times where businesses are fighting against Covid-19, managing printing costs can assist a companies’ sustainability,” Zhang said. “The G&G P4100 and M4100 models are tailored to offer business owners with an economical printing option.”

Zhang claimed the P4100 and M4100 series will benefit SOHO and SMB sectors while also providing a managed print services (MPS) option for businesses of all sizes.

Ninestar G&G Printers Offer Business an Economical Option

A video is available online so buyers, distributors and end-users can see the printers in action.


  • Lower cost per page: low owning cost, up to 11,000-yield cartridge and the separate design of drum unit from the toner lower the cost per page a lot, making a much-lowered running cost than the counterpart of G&G printer.
  • Lower maintenance cost: the metal frame design provides maximum protection to printers and lowers paper jam rate.
  • Improved efficiency: high printing speed of 33ppm and auto duplex printing guarantee highly-efficient work.
  • Convenient to print and manage: wireless connection, fine printing, poster mode, clone mode, and mute mode are available to meet different printing needs.
  • User-friendly operation: one-step driver installation enables users to get started quickly and easily.
  • Excellent Monochrome Output: With well-shaped and highly-legible printouts, the two models are suitable for most-

The compact M4100 multifunction model offers printing, scanning, photocopying and a 50-sheet automatic document feeder.

The Ninestar group includes Pantum and Lexmark printers so G&G has the experience of these printing brands to draw upon.

Ninestar’s new hi-tech printer park investment, which saw the completion of Stage 1 on July 10, 2020, will eventually occupy 600,000 square meters of printer production space with an expected annual output of 2 million printer units. This will include G&G’s own branded devices. This has placed the G&G brand in a good position to expand its product portfolio with the launch of P4100DN/DW A4 monochrome single-function desktop laser printers and the M4100DN/DW multi-function laser printers.



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