Young Adults Charged with Stealing Printer

Young Adults Charged with Stealing Printer

Young Adults Charged with Stealing PrinterFour young adults in America were arrested for the alleged stealing of printer and ink cartridges.

According to, two of the young people, Aaliyah Coulter (21) and Derek Daniels (19), previously bought a printer at the Gary, Indiana Wal-Mart store. The police reports said they returned to the store and shoplifted another printer. Coulter and Daniels, along with two other 19-year-old Marcus Martin and Angel Townson, exited separately through different doors. The reports also mentioned that Townson and Daniels attempted to steal ink cartridges.

Daniels was confronted by a loss prevention employee when he went back to the store and sought to return one of the printers. He allegedly assaulted the employee and fled. The four, however, were arrested after a car chase.

Despite the inco-operation, the four young adults are facing multiple charges separately including felony fleeing in a vehicle, misdemeanor charges of theft, battery, etc.

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Young Adults Charged with Stealing Printer

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