Making Mobile Printing More Convenient

Making Mobile Printing More Convenient

Making Mobile Printing More Convenient

Making Mobile Printing More ConvenientA Chinese printing equipment manufacturer claims consumers are wanting to print more from their mobile phones, not less.

According to Xiamen HPRT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (HPRT), which exhibited at RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai China in late November, end-users want a simple and efficient solution to print images, documents, labels and codes directly from their phones to a convenient, printing device.

In the last three years, the development, manufacture and sale of specialty printers have boomed in China and has started to catch on in western markets as well. HPRT claims that more than one out of every four thermal printers in the global market is now produced by them giving them a market share of 29.2%. The company is also widely regarded as being the first thermal printer manufacturer in China to be connected with mobile printing,

“All our mobile printing products can be printed directly via mobile phones,” said Shaowei Song, Manager of Chinese Domestic Business at HPRT. We developed the concept of “mobile printing with HPRT” where a mobile phone user can print directly to a hand-held thermal printer.”

The printers do not need ink and Song demonstrated digital printing process which produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper or thermal paper. Thermal printers are mostly used to create labels, safety signs, wayfinding markers, barcodes, shipping labels, and other heavily-used items. Song demonstrated to RemaxWorld visitors and RT staff that photos, images and text can also be printed easily.

According to Song, HPRT has an R&D team with up to 300 staff who focus on confidential technologies including heating control, printer transmission and control of the motor, along with the management of cloud data and cloud printing.

Benefits of Portable Printers Revealed

Making Mobile Printing More Convenient“We now live in the era of the Internet of Things: everyone has a mobile phone,” said Song. “This portable A4 printer is about a pencil box in size and an ink bottle in weight. So, it is very compact and easy to use.”

With the HPRT app, users are able to connect the wireless printing function via Bluetooth enabling the printing of homework or office documents received from WeChat or DingTalk. “It is very convenient when you have to print something on-site, away from the office. The printer utilizes thermal transfer technology, so you don’t have to worry about the colors fading away. The printouts can be kept for a long time making it especially suitable for legal documents printing.

Making Mobile Printing More ConvenientThe HPRT pocket portable printer does not need ink either and is also controlled through Bluetooth. Simply use thermal photo papers to print colorful pictures utilizing its inkless printing technology. Thermal photo paper has 13 layers of coatings, with each layer containing 64 different colors managed by the temperature control. The final effect is a bright colorful photo.

The iX4P industrial barcode printer comes with a color display screen so users can visualize the operation and final result. It can be used to print small labels accurately or a massive run of big labels—meeting different demands.

The HPRT professional thermal transfer desktop barcode printer comes with 300-meter ribbon and can print at a speed of up to 8 inches per second (ips). The unique dual transmission sensors make it possible for accurate positioning and efficient printing. The modular design of the printhead makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble again. The printer can be automatically configured without PC settings as it has the ability to automatically identify the printhead for 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolutions. The printer comes up with a large 128 MB DDR2 RAM storage and 256 MB Flash. It also supports multiple interfaces (USB HOST, serial interface, B-type USB, Ethernet port for standard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module for optional). Using a 3.5-inch, color LCD touch screen, users can easily operate it with a USB HOST. In addition to its stable and durable printer mechanism, it also supports printing on various media. To make label editing convenient and easy, it is embedded with free label editing software called Bartender.

HPRT is listed on the Find-a-Supplier platform where more information about HPRT is available as well as the ability to make confidential appointments.


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