All Smiles as the Giant of Africa Awakens

All Smiles as the Giant of Africa Awakens

All Smiles as the Giant of Africa Awakens, Molinatti

It has been an amazing three weeks of travelling to prepare for our VIP Imaging Expo in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), and Dubai (UAE) in April 2024.

What amazed me most was the huge smiles from industry players wherever I went. Especially in Lagos, Nigeria. Look at the smile on Olamide Obembe, Managing Director of Copybay. He was so welcoming of me visiting him and his 25-year business.

Copybay bases its business model on solutions, services, and supplies for copiers and printers. “We focus on end-users and distributors,” commented Olamide Obembe. “We are authorized distributors of Sharp, selling equipment and consumables and offer MPS and CPP contracts.”

Curious to explore a new market and discover new businesses, I visited several other companies, too.

I took a direct flight of just under 5 hours from Nairobi, where we will also run a VIP event for buyers and suppliers. I crossed the entire African continent to visit the third venue of our upcoming April event: Lagos, Nigeria.

Located in the western region of Africa, Nigeria is known as “The Giant of Africa” and is among the “next eleven” economies that will become the largest in the world. It’s no wonder, with a population of over 220 million, that it is the sixth most populous country in the world and the most populous in Africa.

Although the official capital of Nigeria is Abuja, the largest concentration of population and business activity occurs in the city of Lagos, which was the capital of Nigeria until 1991 and is located in the southern part of the country with a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

Lagos is a frenetic, contrasting, and dynamic city. Its streets are a swarm of traffic with cars, motorcycles, buses, and pedestrians, divided into three main zones: the first is the island of Lagos, the original heart of the city; the second is the sophisticated Victoria Island, home to embassies, fine restaurants, and exclusive beaches; and the third is Ikeja, near the main airport and the site of our event.

Copybay is one of the companies on the VIP guest list for our RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo–MEA event in April 2024.



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Gustavo Molinatti rtmworldGustavo Molinatti is RTMworld’s international and regional events manager. He is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Latin America but now travels the globe preparing one-day, intense VIP events for big buyers and suppliers.

He has organized more the 20 technical and MPS training events in several countries and is now helping RTMworld bring VIP Expo events to the Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Please contact<>


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