Getting Ready for Market Disruption in Dubai

Getting Ready for Market Disruption in Dubai

Getting Ready for Market Disruption in Dubai

Getting Ready for Market Disruption in Dubai

I am on location as I prepare for the VIP Imaging Expo RTMworld will run in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in 2024. Three, one-day events will be run in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), and Dubai (UAE) (that’s me on the right pictured above).

I have been travelling in the region for a week already with another week ahead of me as I write this.

Organizing an event isn’t just about rallying exhibitors; it’s about comprehending each market intricately to deliver tailored solutions that foster its growth. So, It has been a crucial visit to engage with prominent aftermarket buyers in the region.

In proximity to the Dubai International Airport sits the central office of The Copier Company, a pivotal provider of leasing and rental services for printers and copiers in the UAE. As an integral part of the AST group of companies, they boast three decades of expertise in leasing digital equipment for major construction projects and various office sectors. With over 30 printing service locations strategically dispersed across the region, their operations run ceaselessly, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Over a cup of coffee, I engaged in an insightful conversation with Vinod, the Technical Acquisitions Specialist at The Copier Company, and Akhil Raj, the Technical Specialist at Digital Print Service. “Our focus primarily lies in printing and wide-format services,” remarked Vinod. “We have over 3,000 devices leased, catering to both office and production printing needs.”

Relying on Canon solutions for copiers and Kyocera for printers, they comprehend that beyond pricing, “the quality and consistency of the service we provide” significantly shapes their business model.

Getting Ready for Market Disruption in DubaiVinod, the Technical Acquisitions Specialist at The Copier Company (right), and Akhil Raj, the Technical Specialist at Digital Print Service (left).

Nearly all of their production revolves around color, predominantly utilizing laser-based devices. “The market has witnessed a substantial recovery post-COVID,” Vinod affirmed. Regarding future strategies, they are contemplating various initiatives, including “venturing into franchising and expanding our services into other printing domains related to packaging and labeling.”

The allure of the moment prompted me to capture a selfie, immortalizing the delightful encounter with two of our esteemed VIP guests slated to join our upcoming event in Dubai in April 2024.



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