Controlling Static - Berto gets Stuck on Static

Controlling Static – Berto gets Stuck on Static

Controlling Static – Berto gets Stuck on Static

Controlling Static - Berto gets Stuck on Static

Static Control Components, Inc. (SCC) has been an industry leader in the cartridge remanufacturing industry since it was founded 35 years ago. As the primary supplier of cartridge components to the remanufacturing industry, SCC was deeply invested in the protection and growth of the industry.

And invest it did.

It has been instrumental in setting industry precedents in the technological and legal arenas. It was the first to directly take on an OEM in court, and many of its sacrifices kept the industry moving forward and were vital to its survival.

Ed Swartz was at the helm of the institution for the first 20 years. Ed was a smart, strong force of nature and a shrewd businessman. Between 1996 and 2005, SCC grew unit sales of OPC drums from less than 5,000 per year to more than 10 million per year (according to industry analyst Actionable Intelligence). This made SCC the largest industry player by far.

As a result of SCC’s premier position in the cartridge remanufacturing industry, founder Ed Swartz devoted himself to caring for his company and its customers. But Ed also had concern for non-customer remanufacturers and even his competitors through his support of the industry overall. SCC strongly supported the industry’s publications, tradeshows, and regional events. In the mid-90s, cartridge remanufacturers formed regional trade associations. SCC supported them all, large and small.

During its 35 years, Static Control became a leader in innovation for the imaging aftermarket. During that time, the company disassembled hundreds of thousands of cartridges from every printer manufacturer, all to ensure the company mastered the inner workings of toner and inkjet cartridges better than anyone else. This knowledge was essential in creating components and cartridges that delivered the reliability and premium performance that customers now expect from Static Control.


To celebrate Static Control’s 35th anniversary:

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