Berto Looks For a Printer That Just Prints

Berto Looks For a Printer That Just Prints

Berto Looks For a Printer That Just Prints

Berto Looks For a Printer That Just Prints

So, it finally happened. You have to work from home and you have to replace the old one which has not been used for ten years.

According to BlueDogInk, there is good news and bad news for you to consider. The good news is that there are hundreds of printers for you to choose from, but the bad news is that most people make mistakes when choosing their next printer.

Today’s printers don’t just print! They come bundled with a whole bunch of additional features. To this end, cartoonist Berto has had some fun with his latest cartoon.

While choosing a good printer sounds like an easy task, the truth is that if you rush right out and hurriedly buy the first printer you come across, you will often find issues or missing features you might have overlooked. In fact, there are so many different features available on today’s printers that this is never a decision to take lightly, particularly if you need a printer for home and you must be the one to buy it yourself.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to finding the right printer. You should keep some important tips in mind while researching and buying your next printer. Learning the best place to buy a printer isn’t the only consideration, either, because you have to consider many other aspects before you can finally choose the best printer for your needs.

BlueDogInk lists the top five mistakes:

  1. Decide Ahead of Time What You Plan to Do with the Printer
  2. Buying an Older Printer Because It Is a “Great Deal”
  3. Only Considering the Price of the Printer and Nothing Else
  4. Thinking That All Printers Are Exactly the Same
  5. Not Taking into Consideration Where the Printer Will Be Housed

Printers Galore Meet Berto's Every NeedCartoon #88 Berto Looks For a Printer That Just Prints

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