Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink Berto rtmworld

Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink – Berto shares a drop

Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink – Berto shares a drop

Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink berto cartoon rtmworld


Marianna Longmire, writing for the consumer watchdog Choice, says “One standard black HP ink cartridge we looked at cost US$46.18. This may sound reasonable until you realise that works out to US$8396 per litre – which is surprisingly more expensive than these five items:

1. Champagne
2. Crème de la Mer
3. Human blood
4. The world’s most expensive coffee
5. Chanel No.5

Wikipedia reports, “Ink cartridges are typically priced at $13 to $75/US fl oz ($1,664 to $9,600/US gal; $440 to $2,536/l) of ink, meaning that refill cartridges sometimes cost a substantial fraction of the cost of the printer. To save money, many people use compatible ink cartridges from a vendor other than the printer manufacturer. Others use aftermarket inks, refilling their own ink cartridges using a kit that includes bulk ink. The high cost of cartridges has also provided an incentive for counterfeiters to supply cartridges falsely claiming to be made by the original manufacturer. The print cartridge industry lost an estimated $3 billion in 2009 due to this, according to an International Data Corporation estimate.”

Quick Ink Refill Berto cartoon rtmworldBerto #21: November 5, 2014, Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink – Berto shares a drop

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