6 Quick Questions: Emphasizing Quality Over Price

6 Quick Questions: Emphasizing Quality Over Price

6 Quick Questions: Emphasizing Quality Over Price

—HYB’s Sales Director reveals to ImagingWorld’s David Gibbons how to successfully chase and capture OEM business

6 Quick Questions: Emphasizing Quality Over PriceKim Lee (pictured) has been with HYB (HaoYinBao Group) for 11 years, firstly as sales director and more recently has the added role of Deputy General Manager.

Based in Zhuhai, Lee represents HYB internationally which is one of the largest manufacturers to specialize in photocopier imaging supplies and spare parts.

Lee is responsible for building and maintaining productive relationships with more than 700 importers for marketing the HYB TONER and ZEUS TONER brands globally.

He is currently involved in the construction of new webpages at www.allforcopiers.com and www.copiertonerpro.com

David: What is your view of the tension between quality and pricing of products?

Kim: To answer this, you need to have a clear understanding of the market. Recently, many printer cartridge suppliers have been jumping into the copier imaging supplies segment. These newcomers bring the same cut-throat pricing strategy they use with their compatible HP cartridges sales. Many are not even aware Chinese suppliers do not dominate the international copier supplies market. Many have developed a bad reputation for poor quality among dealers too. This is the tension impacting copier parts and supplies right now.

HYB has a competitive price policy when compared with the OEM but it is based upon premium quality products. The low-priced, low-quality sector is a crowded space we do not want to enter.

David: Who are your customers, and why?

Kim: Our target market is dealers, distributors and wholesalers who are rich with experience and demand quality above anything else. They know it takes time for an end-user to approve samples. They know they must set a high- quality standard first. This is a barrier for those price-oriented suppliers who enter the market cutting prices first. They can never supply a quality product that this market demands.

David: What experiences can you share where consumers were pleased with the quality of HYB products?

Kim: We have plenty of true stories to share. What has surprised me most recently, is that many of our distributors in different countries keep asking us for T-shirts bearing our logo. Their employees love these shirts. That’s because, in countries including Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Paraguay and South Africa, we have established a good reputation with our trademarks. Customers who are proud of your trademark want to be a part of the success you achieve.

David: Can you share an experience where you lost a customer because of price but won them back again because of quality?

Kim: One such case was with our compatible TK-6305 toner. Most of our competitors use a formulation developed by a famous Japanese manufacturer. However, HYB’s technical professionals found this formulation was defective after 5,000 copies. So, we rejected it. We found a different Japanese supplier where the toner formulation is 100% efficient and effective. But we found that our toners were 30% more expensive than our competitors. One of our customers switched to another supplier. However, after five or six months, he returned to HYB again. He told us the competitor toner caused damage to the drum unit after 4- or 5,000 pages. In switching back to HYB, he was willing to pay the higher price and has been with us ever since for many years.

6 Quick Questions: Emphasizing Quality Over Price

Kim Lee holds the ImagingWorld magazine featuring HYB’s founding CEO Vincent Chen on the front cover

David: Under what circumstances could it be possible to have very high quality and low prices at the same time?

Kim: In the 5Q Interview in a previous edition of RT ImagingWorld magazine, our founding director, Vincent Chen, discussed the importance of control when it comes to the supply chain. In my opinion, a manufacturer like HYB can find many opportunities to control both the quality and the prices at the same time. We own our own engineering skills. We are quite capable of developing our own toner formulations and patents. We keep updating our testing procedures and quality standards. It’s a combination of all these important factors that makes it possible.

David: To what extent are you loyal to HYB because of its view and standards relating to quality?

Kim: We have many distributors who are contracted to us for up to 10 years. They are loyal to HYB’s consistent quality. This delivers benefits including high end-user satisfaction and the opportunity to confidently establish relationships with new customers. As a result, their businesses grow alongside HYB’s.

This is the same for me having worked at HYB for over 10 years. We started with a small-sized international business and I have witnessed growth in our team, our customers and our sales revenue. I strongly believe maintaining quality standards, while ignoring the temptation to enter the low quality, low- price sector, has played a significant role.


This article was published in the hard copy RT ImagingWorld magazine distributed in English and Spanish around the world. You can download a free copy of the English magazine as well and find this article on page 14.


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