Russia Gives Green Light for Pelikan New-build Cartridges

Russia Gives Green Light for Pelikan New-build Cartridges

Russia Gives Green Light for Pelikan New-build Cartridges

Following new rules from March 1, 2020, many aftermarket cartridges have been blocked from entering the Russian market, particularly those manufactured in China.

However, Print-Rite Pelikan has been granted initial approval to enter Russia, according to Business-Inform. The official information agency is assisting Pelikan to find business partners in the country.

New Laws for Cartridges in Russia RoHS compliant rtmworld

“It has been illegal to import IT equipment, printing devices and consumables—including cartridges, inks and toners—that violate RoHS environmental requirements,” Malinskiy told RT Media. “Those cartridges that violate RoHS requirements are NOT ALLOWED in Russia.” According to Malinskiy, the situation in the Russian market has changed for printing devices and supplies. All suppliers and distributors must conform to higher standards of environmental friendliness as determined by Russian expert organizations. Malinskiy warned the crowd at the RT RemaxWorld Summit in October 2019 in Zhuhai the new laws were coming. Tens of thousands of cartridges have been rejected since March 2020.

Printer cartridges now have to undergo an examination performed by accredited organizations in Russia and the EAEU countries.

Almost all OEMs were able to have their products comply very quickly as did many remanufacturers in Western Europe. “For the first time in 10 years, it has given manufacturers of remanufactured cartridges a chance to significantly increase their market share in Russia,” Malinskiy asserts.

Russia Gives Green Light for Pelikan New-build Cartridges“I am delighted to report that our unique Pelikan branded bio-based cartridges will be considered and we are excited to enter the Russian market,” said Steve Weedon (pictured), the Chief Executive of Print-Rite Pelikan Europe.

“I announced on your inTouch TV program in October 2020 that I was determined to shake up the supplies industry in 2021,” Weedon told RT Media’s David Gibbons. “We have started here in Russia. I have enquiries from 41 other countries wanting to join the successful brand.

The Pelikan products have already established their status as patent-free and meeting European quality and environment standards including RoHS and they are already TUV certified. The brand itself was established in 1838 and has over 183 years become synonymous with reliability, dependability and trustworthiness. Print-Rite has over 40 years of experience and has built a solid global reputation based on award-winning product innovations, supported by an industry-leading 3,000 patents and a 3-year product guarantee.

Buyers can visit Booth b7 at the Virtual BUSINESS-INFORM 2020-2021 Expo or contact Pelikan directly by e-mail:



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