Clover Joins Competitors in Russia rtmworld

Clover Joins Competitors in Russia

Clover Joins Competitors in Russia

Clover Joins Competitors in Russia rtmworld

The Clover Imaging Group (Clover) has announced a partnership with Office Assistant to sell its remanufactured cartridges into the Russian Federation.

Clover claims its MSE branded remanufactured cartridges meet the new tough new laws for aftermarket cartridges heading to Russia.

Clover is not the first to sign up with Office Assistant which is also an agent for its competitor brands including Static Control, G&G, and CET.

When asked how the Clover branded MSE cartridges will differentiate themselves from others being promoted into the Russian market, a spokesperson from Clover said, “These premium, IP safe, remanufactured cartridges make office printing more environmentally sustainable combined with significant cost savings, while simultaneously delivering OEM-like quality and reliability.” the spokesperson added, “Working together with Office Assistant we look forward to building our partnership and to growing the MSE brand in Russia.

Office Assistant’s founding Director-General, Roman Samoilov

Dr Stanislav Malinskiy

RT Media‘s business partner in Russia, Dr Stanislav Malinskiy (from information agency Business Inform), interviewed Office Assistant’s founding Director-General, Roman Samoilov (pictured).

Malinskiy: Your company, Office Assistant, is a successful distributor of Cactus, Static Control, Pantum, G&G and CET products. Each of those brands is well-known in the Russian market and has its own resellers and buyers. And now you are about to undertake MSE distribution. How do you plan to position them?

  • Samoilov: A year and a half ago, when Office Assistant was just a start-up project, we stated our main aim was to provide our partners in the Russian market with a set of brands, each of which has its own unique features and characteristics. For us, MSE cartridge distribution is a logical broadening of our recent product range. Each brand in our portfolio will receive clear and accessible positioning not only in terms of price but in terms of technical features of products, marketing and promotional support as well.

Malinskiy: Your company is a successful distributor of Static Control and G&G cartridges. These cartridges already enjoy an established circle of buyers demanding high-quality products. Won’t the addition of the MSE brand simply take customers away from the existing Static Control and G&G brands, leaving the total volume of sales remaining the same?

  • Samoilov: We are counting on the notion that each brand from our portfolio will find ‘its own’ buyer. To keep partners interested in working with our brands, we’ll be using individual marketing tools and programs for each brand.



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