Forgeries Environment and Testing Issues in Russia

Forgeries Environment and Testing Issues in Russia

Forgeries Environment and Testing Issues in Russia

Forgeries Environment and Testing Issues in RussiaParticipants from 146 Russian companies gathered virtually to resolve issues which continually plague the imaging supplies market in the country and to address quality concerns.

The Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) pulled together the largest buyers on July 03, 2020. Dr Stanislav Malinskiy (featured in the image) coordinated the event as one of the event sponsors, Russian information agency Business-Inform (Moscow).

According to Dr Malinskiy,  the best Russian experts addressed the following quality, environment, counterfeit issues:

  • the dynamics and trends of the Russian market of consumables during 2011-2020;
  • the evaluation methods used by Russian and international organisations for office printing quality;
  • the testing results of printing quality and environmental characteristics of cartridges presented on the Russian market during 2014-2019;
  • he leading Russian and international brands and the dynamics of their shares on the Russian market;
  • the environmental requirements towards office printing devices and corresponding consumables (Stockholm Convention, RoHS, REACH etc.);
  • the experiences of creating and running monochrome cartridge remanufacturing centers within Russia.

Participants and experts discussed issues related to practical aspects of the procurement of quality cartridges, environmental requirements related to these products and the disposal of the consumables at end-of-life.

Participants moved quickly to discuss the quality testing of cartridges related to:

  1. the discrepancy between the declared and actual yields, low optical density of the image, grey background;
  2. where to buy quality cartridges and who can really help with it;
  3. forgeries on the Russian market and why their numbers are growing;
  4. violations of environmental rules and who is to take responsibility;
  5. the negative impact on health and environment of cheap, low-quality cartridges and how manufacturers must take responsibility in accordance with the Stockholm Convention and RoHS requirements;
  6. the issues of quality, consistency, new job creation, and preserving the environment as relating to remanufactured cartridges;
  7. where to get an independent (from manufacturers, suppliers and sellers) consultation or expert opinion;

Organisation Matters

Dr Malinskiy was elected President and Savinova Alina as Secretary of AQCMS. A workgroup of seven people was created to prepare a unified approach to:

  1. define a “high quality” concept for various-branded cartridges;
  2. establish a system of informational support for Russian buyers of the office printing devices and corresponding consumables;
  3. train and re-train government organizations and commercial establishments engaged in procurement of office printing devices and corresponding consumables.



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