New Replacement Chips from Megain rtmworld

New Replacement Chips from Megain

New Replacement Chips from Megain

New Replacement Chips from Megain rtmworldThe Chinese leading chip manufacturer Megain has recently launched replacement chips for use in Ricoh printers.

Ricoh released two color laser printers, P C301 and P C301SF, in Japan in early August 2019. The output speed of this series of printers is 25 ppm. The fast printing speed of images is 9.8 seconds. Double-sided printing can be specified to open left-right or up-down. When making multi-page data, it helps to reduce the cost of paper.

Megain’s new replacement chips are suitable for MRH MPG C300 series printers. According to Megain, the new product has the characteristics of high reliability and more stable performance.

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About Megain

Zhuhai Megain Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2010, committed to research and development design, production and sales of various integrated circuits, information technology products and accessories, the companys ASIC and SOC design solutions are ahead of the chip technology field. A number of technology industry leaders, product development has obtained a number of patents. The Group currently has branches and subsidiaries in Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.


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