Tougher Russian Cartridge Standards Ken Lalley Russia rtmworld

Tougher Russian Cartridge Standards Welcomed by SCC

Tougher Russian Cartridge Standards Welcomed by SCC

As previously reported, the Russian government is placing tougher restrictions on electrotechnical products, including printer cartridges that contain a chip.

Tougher Russian Cartridge Standards RoHS rtmworldRussian information agency, Business-Inform broke the news in August 2019 and again in October at the RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai China. Dr Stanislav Malinskiy warned Chinese suppliers, effective 1 March 2020, their products must meet the tougher new health and environmental standards. “Products that violate RoHS environmental requirements will be banned.”

Malinksiy added, “A further round of laws will come into effect in the next 12 months. As of June 2021, any cartridges that don’t meet the REACH requirements for toxicity will also be rejected. All suppliers and distributors must conform to higher standards of environmental friendliness as determined by Russian expert organizations.” He explained many Russian buyers had already started meeting with cartridge remanufacturers in the European Union which are already meeting these standards.

Tougher Russian Cartridge Standards Ken Lalley Russia rtmworldKen Lalley (pictured), CEO of Static Control Components (SCC) told RT ImagingWorld he welcomes the changes as they will help ensure a cleaner future. “It is clear Russia has tightened its environmental regulations and now has compliance intentions that are similar to the European Union.”

According to a statement, SCC is already able to supply compliant products that will meet the Russian standards. SCC claims it has invested many resources over many years to develop and provide the industry’s best products. Lalley told RT ImagingWorld, “Our product line in both Europe and Russia offers a whole catalogue of RoHS and REACH compliant products, including our components, chips, and remanufactured and compatible cartridges.”

Dr Malinskiy claims his Business Inform analysts have estimated of the 13.9 million NBCs imported into Russia in 2018, more than 9.3 million had decaBDE readings of between 2000 and 18,000 mg/kg. The results of this research were reported to the Russian government, as well as to the heads of many large Russian businesses and organizations, buyers of compatible cartridges. According to the Stockholm Convention of 2001, and ratified by Russia in 2011, such products are categorized as ‘Persistent Organic Pollutants’.”

When asked about the toxicity levels found in SCC printer cartridges, Lalley admitted, “In late 2018, it was discovered that a small number of Static Control cartridges tested positive for decaBDE, a fire retardant that is used in recycled plastics.” He claimed SCC underwent a rigorous process of testing its entire product line, including components. Every supplier was vetted and agreements strengthened with random product testing procedures. “Static Control offers a compliant, clean cartridge line that meets RoHS and REACH regulations,” Lalley stated. “Other suppliers are only now checking their supply chain and rushing to test their cartridges.” Lalley also claims SCC’s in-house legal and technical compliance teams review all products from a legal and environmental standpoint to ensure the most IP-considerate and environmentally compliant cartridge range is made available.


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