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Chinese Send Urgent Supplies to COVID-19 Affected Customers

Chinese Send Urgent Supplies to COVID-19 Affected Customers

Zhuhai-based Hao Yin Bao (HYB) has responded quickly to requests for help from some of its international customers caught up by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some of our customers are telling us they are in real trouble,” said Kim Lee, Sales Director at HYB. “They are having difficulty in finding and buying specific protective supplies for their elderly staff and families who need to remain isolated or go and get treated for the virus in local hospitals.”

Immediately, management and staff at HYB swung into action to package up special health care kits and had them flown by air to more than ten countries including Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Europe Union countries, Eastern Europe, North America, countries in northern Africa and South Africa.

HYB management has been engaged in making donations to medical facilities in Hubei Province, the most coronavirus affected region in China. They had made donations through organisations like the Red Cross in China as well as local branches of the Communist Party Members Committees.

Fortunately, the peak of the current outbreak in China is over and most businesses and factories are back at work, albeit under tight restrictions to ensure the virus does not return. With this easing of pressure, HYB management implemented an Action Plan with its sales professionals to maintain communication with its customers and to offer extra support during this challenging period. Customers are urged to keep safe, work from home, follow health and hygiene practices and keep a close connection with both suppliers and their own customers. Some dealers are noting there are new opportunities and they should watch closely to see when the market might resume being normal, whenever that will be.

Chinese Send Supplies to COVID-19 Customers HYB Zhuhai rtmworldHYB has been focusing on copier solutions since 1998 and claims it has experience in bulk and refill toners and spare parts. With a catalogue of more than 2700 SKUs Kim Lee said his customers receive technical support to back up the supplies and parts business and currently has more than 600 importers in 77 countries around the world.


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