Ninestar Easy-fix Solution for Annoying Firmware Updates

Ninestar Easy-fix Solution for Annoying Firmware Updates

Ninestar Easy-fix Solution for Annoying Firmware Updates rtmworldChina-based Ninestar has developed a quick and easy solution for fixing cartridges that have been impacted by firmware updates pushed through by OEMs to their customers’ printers.

If aftermarket cartridges have been used in the printer, they will stop working after the printer’s firmware has been updated.

However, Ninestar’s R&D, Product and Legal departments have come together to innovatively create a patented solution that helps to solve the problems.

“The Upgrade without Unpacking Solution is the best way to manage firmware updates,” said Ruby Wei, Ninestar’s Marketing Media Specialist. “Ninestar’s data shows the number of firmware upgrades has climbed in 2020 compared to any previous year.” Both HP and Epson have pushed through updates to their customers’ printers in 2020.

Wei explained that when firmware updates block aftermarket cartridges, companies up and down the supply chain must scramble to replace inventories and deal with angry customers. “Impacted cartridges have to be updated and in the past, this has been enormously complicated, expensive and time-consuming.”

Ninestar Easy-fix Solution for Annoying Firmware Updates rtmworld

As the name suggests, the Upgrade without Unpacking Solution upgrades cartridges affected by OEM firmware updates without the need to open the packaging. Ninestar’s brand new, innovative solution utilises cloud technology to synchronise the data enables and upgrade affected products at anywhere at any time. “It easily and efficiently helps our customers rework cartridges and to minimize their loss by saving time and labor costs,” Wei said.

Ninestar released new replacement cartridges for HP Laser 408dn and MFP 432fdn series of printers under its well established G&G branding in July. G&G’s sister company Apex Microelectronics (Apex) released the first-to-market chip to coincide with this compatible cartridge release.

According to Wei, anyone interested in finding out more information can email their enquiries to G&G.



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