Epson Frustrates Customers Over Ink Lock Out rtmworld

Epson Frustrates Customers Over Ink Lock Out

Epson Frustrates Customers Over Ink Lock Out

Epson Frustrates Customers Over Ink Lock Out rtmworld

The issue over printer firmware updates continues to wreak frustration with angry consumers. The updates lock out the use of aftermarket supplies from being used.

According to Actionable Intelligence, Epson was served with a new round of class-action lawsuits on May 13, 2020, over its firmware updates that lock out the use of aftermarket inks.

It would appear that this is a case that just won’t go away. Actionable Intelligence reports Steven Summer filed a class action against Epson America in November 2018 over the same frustration. That matter was quietly resolved.

Actionable Intelligence also reports William Mondigo and Richard Famiglietti filed a class-action complaint against Epson America over inkjet updates that lockout aftermarket ink in October 2019. “The plaintiffs in this lawsuit also voluntarily dismissed their complaint,” the Actionable Intelligence staff wrote. “We assumed that Epson had reached some sort of private settlement with the plaintiffs.”

New Class Action Suit

Epson is now facing a new class-action suit brought on by the same William Mondigo and Richard Famiglietti. This time, the matter, to be heard in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, is being joined by an additional five persons: being Felix Rabinovich, Jesse Gordon, Gregory Szot, Martin Dignard, and Michael Kovach.

Each are complaining Epson’s “anti-competitive, unfair, fraudulent, and oppressive and illegal conduct” has disabled their printers from using aftermarket inks. Each uses a different Epson model printer but all are frustrated with the situation. They claim they checked the product packaging before they purchased the printers and that nowhere did Epson state it would prevent customers from using aftermarket ink cartridges.

For more details, go to Actionable Intelligence website: New Inkjet Firmware Class Action Filed Against Epson.



Many printer OEMs are trying the same thing as what is reported in this story, “Epson Frustrates Customers Over Ink Lock Out”. What do you think? Add your comments below or join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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