HYB Emphasizes Global Brand Building

HYB Emphasizes Global Brand Building

HYB Emphasizes Global Brand Building

 Though a manufacturing company, HK HaoYinBao Group Co., Ltd (“HYB Toner”) has been a faithful brand builder since 2002.  The company was awarded Global Brand at the RT Global Industry Awards ceremony– held virtually during RemaxWorld Expo in November. The award was finalized by 14 judges from Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Oceania, outstanding 1000+ of nominations in the industry.

While most manufacturers focused on private-labelling business for their customers, HYB registered its brands and started to market its products with its own brand “HaoYinBao” (which means “Great Copying Treasures” in Chinese).

HYB began to enter the global market in 2009 and started to supply products through direct production to international buyers. Ever since then, the company registered trademarks HYB ®, HYB-Toner ® which stands for High Yield and Beneficial toner for users. With the higher standard being untilized into production, HYB started to supply products to leading companies with its trademarks and also registered patents as part of its design on packing.

HYB brands are presented together with color boxes printed with C, M Y, and K cubic and until now the design is very popular in the market.

HYB brand building progress has come to a historical moment in 2013 when its trademark Zeus (powerful) Toner was registered. Zeus Toner is a series of special line HYB launched to meet the demand in the market that looks for products that are equivalent to OEM in quality with only premium raw materials used as configuration. The brand, marketed as “legendary” products, brings revolution to the daily usage of office supplies. As a result, the distributors that want to resell HYB-branded products have been increasing constantly.

ZIKOM® is a cyber and digital brand used by an original manufacturer with products of Konica engines. The company exited the industry and HYB registered this brand to integrate all the products with technological design. Meanwhile, spare parts, components and remanufactured copiers products are integrated into the catalogue of ZIKOM.

Nowadays, there are 38 HYB distributors who devote themselves to sell products under HYB brands and trademarks, and the number is growing each year. “HYB never stops the brand-building status and believes that good policies and marketing support to distributors will help both HYB and their distributors to reach bigger success. We enjoy seeing our customers carry the pride from our brands, “ so says the company.


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