Wearing My Amicus Briefs Berto cartoon rtmworld

Wearing My Amicus Briefs – Berto goes to court

Maybe Berto should have found the meaning of amicus briefs before wearing his Hawaiian shorts, or briefs, to the Federal Court.
Remanufacturing Foreign Cartridges Confusion Berto cartoon rtmworld

Remanufacturing Foreign Cartridges Confusion -Berto

Before May 2017 OEM patent rights on printer cartridges were deemed not to have expired causing confusion over the remanufacturing of foreign sold cartridges.

Spending a Lot on Toner – Berto sees red

In Consumer Report's annual printers survey, the expense of ink or toner replacement is the most common pain point for printer owners—affecting the owners of 1 in 5 printers.
UK Workshops Supplied iPads Berto cartoon rtmworld

UK Workshops Supplied iPads -Berto plays games

Cartridge World stores have supplied motor vehicle workshops in the UK with a printer, an unlimited supply of ink, an iPad and all necessary on-site training for mechanics and staff to ensure a smooth transition to the new government requirements.
High Stake Patent Lawsuits Settled Methuselah Berto rtmworld Steve Michlin

High Stake Patent Lawsuits Settled – Methuselah wins

Steve Michlin's 39 patented inventions solved many complex problems but lead to a series of high stake patent lawsuits, all of which were settled.
Canon Christmas Wish Request Berto cartoon rtmworld

Canon Christmas Wish Request – Berto plays Santa

Canon has a Christmas wish request the aftermarket will stop reusing the dongle gear coupling in its cartridges as a means to protect Canon's marketshare.
Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink Berto rtmworld

Fine Wine Cheaper than Ink – Berto shares a drop

Fine wine, perfumes and human blood are all cheaper than ink you use in a desktop inkjet printer making it one of the most expensive liquids on the planet.
Quick Ink Refill Berto cartoon rtmworld

Quick Ink Refill – Berto Saves the Day

A quick ink refill is what many need when the cartridge runs out suddenly. Get a professional to help you so you don't get stuck with a shark -as Berto did.

International Buyers Visit RemaxWorld – Berto joins the line

Thousands of international buyers from 80+ countries visit RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai, China every October. Reselling Chinese products is critical for them.
How Safe Is Toner Berto cartoon rtmworld

How Safe Is Toner? Berto chews it over

How Safe Is Toner - Berto chews it over