Bio Toners Not So Enviro-friendly berto rtmworld cartoon

Bio Toners Not So Enviro-friendly -it grows on you Berto

Using bio toners in printers is like using regular toner but it is made from substances like palm oil and soybeans—but maybe they are not so enviro-friendly
Never Run Out of Ink Again rtmworld Bero cartoon

Never Run Out of Ink Again – Berto fills her tanks

CISS is a method to help you never run out of ink again by delivering a large volume of liquid ink to a comparatively small inkjet printhead. Berto delivers silos full of ink for our lady in the office.

Counterfeit Boom in the Middle East -Berto gives it a miss

Berto takes issue with the increase in counterfeited goods being sold in the Middle East. The rise of the counterfeit boom includes compatible printer cartridges —being packaged into look-alike OEM boxes to trick consumers.
Onboard with Mobile Printing Berto cartoon rtmworld

Onboard with Mobile Printing – Berto takes off

It's much easier to get onboard with mobile printing than what you think if you are ready to take your business on the road, or, like Berto, in the air.
OEMs Publish White Papers Berto cartoon rtmworld

OEMs Publish White Papers -Berto in a spin to keep up

Other printer OEMs have joined HP to publish white papers warning printer cartridge remanufacturers around the world to stop confusing consumers.
Spying on New Acquisitions Berto cartoon rtmworld

Spying on New Acquisitions -Berto takes a peek

The Chinese have been busy spying and buying up new acquisitions of well known, successful western brands as they seek to build a stronger market share. Berto takes a peek.
More Chinese File Patents Berto cartoon rtmworld

More Chinese File Patents – Berto joins the crowd

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Chinese applications for PCT patents increased from 782 in 2000 to 48,899 in 2017, overtaking Japan for the first time. China's application volume is also ahead of Germany and South Korea.
Wearing My Amicus Briefs Berto cartoon rtmworld

Wearing My Amicus Briefs – Berto goes to court

Maybe Berto should have found the meaning of amicus briefs before wearing his Hawaiian shorts, or briefs, to the Federal Court.
Remanufacturing Foreign Cartridges Confusion Berto cartoon rtmworld

Remanufacturing Foreign Cartridges Confusion -Berto

Before May 2017 OEM patent rights on printer cartridges were deemed not to have expired causing confusion over the remanufacturing of foreign sold cartridges.

Spending a Lot on Toner – Berto sees red

In Consumer Report's annual printers survey, the expense of ink or toner replacement is the most common pain point for printer owners—affecting the owners of 1 in 5 printers.