Civil War for the Aftermarket

A battle between the proponents of remanufactured printer cartridges and new-built, compatible (NBC) cartridges has been looming since 2014. When the supply of empty cartridges started to dry up (due to the clever capture programs by OEMs as well as some aftermarket giants), the innovative Chinese started to remake the whole cartridge anew. Not just the components like the toners. inks, OPC drum, rollers and microchips were new, but the case, or cartridge, in which the components are fitted.

As a result, many global markets have been swamped with NBCs and have eroded the market share of the remanufactured, reused cartridges. Environmentalists are up in arms, many of the NBCs are inferior in quality, and the lawyers are concerned that many NBCs may infringe the patents of the OEMs.

Manufacturers of the NBCs now claim to have resolved technical, legal and quality issues and are confident their business model will thrive and kill remanufacturing in the future. However, many governments are legislating in favor of circular economies that will, in turn, favor remanufactured products in the future.

The battle continues.

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Such a Crime

Counterfeit imaging supplies such as printer cartridges, toners and ribbons are a threat to legitimate business and consumers. Such piracy is also accompanied by deliberate cheating of the consumer as to the quality they are entitled to expect. The Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) was established by OEMs that include HP Inc., Lexmark International, and Xerox over 20 years ago. The ISC states that the annual global market value for counterfeit printer supplies is about $3.5 billion—a huge hit to the bottom lines of printer companies. This equates to more than five percent of the total market value.

Those who deal with the manufacture, distribution, marketing, packaging and sale of counterfeit good are jailed in most countries.


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Printer Security Trumped

Today’s security threat landscape is not a matter of IF, but WHEN you will be compromised

To fully protect your organization, you need to incorporate risk management of every device in it. It is not just the servers, computers and other in-sight devices.

You just installed this new shiny printer/copier in your office. Some of that information may stay on the device for a while… Did you think about how to keep your business safe from possible data leak? Can someone see what you just printed if they gained control of your device? What happens to the left-over information once your MFP devices are taken back at the end of the lease? Those are the questions many should be asking and considering throughout the process of procuring and selling their devices. Many don’t realize that a printer could be a major risk to their business.



Waiting for Service

Caring for the customer should be the number one priority for those offering supplies to consumers—if you are not delivering, consumers will go and find a better customer experience with your competitors

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More Products Seized

It’s interesting to note that more cartridge forfeitures and seizures were exercised in the USA in 2016 than any previous year. To date, the Commission has issued eight GEOs that support the claims by various OEMs. And seven GEOs have been infringed 152 times. 71 out of those 152 orders were issued in 2016 alone.


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Recycling Choices

The Aftermarket printing supplies industry was born on the back of giving consumers a choice to be more environmentally friendly with their empty printer cartridges. Don’t throw them away. Reuse them. Of course, end users liked the cost savings as well.

Berto’s pokes fun at recyclers: maybe we can all identify with this one!

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A number of media are reporting on the increase of counterfeited goods being trafficked and sold through the Middle East. Many of these products, including printer cartridges originate from China and are being packaged in look-alike OEM boxes to trick consumers about what they are buying. It is estimated that five percent of all imaging supplies sold around the world is now counterfeit.

How about a printer cartridge? Really cheap!!

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