Now Everyone is Being Chipped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Now Everyone is Being Chipped – Woof!

Now Everyone Is Being Chipped – Woof!

Now Everyone is Being Chipped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Now that we live in a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us, we have been “microchipping” our pets so that we can track them should they ever get lost. According to Wikipedia, a microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of an animal. The chip, about the size of a large grain of rice, uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Some countries require microchips on animals for other reasons including the matching of vaccination records.

Swedes have gone on to be very active in microchipping, with scant debate about issues surrounding its use, in a country keen on new technology and where the sharing of personal information is held up as a sign of a transparent society. It sounds like an Orwellian nightmare to some but in Sweden it is a welcome reality for a growing number who favour convenience over concerns of potential personal data violations.

Microchips are also being used in printer cartridges. This assists with communication between the cartridge and the printer to allegedly provide a better user experience in the quality and yield throughout the printer cartridge life cycle. Microchips are also allegedly being used by the printer OEMs to control which supplies can and cannot work inside the printer. Many consumers using aftermarket cartridges have found that these third-party supplies do not work as a result. This has created class action suits in some places by consumers demanding the right to choose which supplies they use.

Cheap Supplies Can Hurt Your Business Berto cartoon rtmworldBerto #77: August 5, 2019: Now Everyone Is Being Chipped – Woof!

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