Ninestar Gets Serious About Bulk Ink

Ninestar Gets Serious About Bulk Ink

Ninestar Gets Serious About Bulk Ink

Ninestar Gets Serious About Bulk InkThe Chinese-based manufacturer of new compatible inks for use in a wide range of printers has put a new automated production line into place.

Ninestar says this will further improve the quality and the availability of inks released on its G&G supplies platform with Everbrite-branded pigment-based inks and Gloria-branded dye-based inks.

With the demand for the more economical bulk ink solution for printers, Ninestar claims its new automated line will improve the production of replacement ink bottles for use in high-capacity ink tank printers.

Ninestar Gets Serious About Bulk Ink

The new line is able to consistently and continuously mass-produce 2,000 individual ink bottles per hour.

Ninestar says the state-of-the-art automated line enables full automation from filling through to labeling. “The accurate, fast and stable flow of production ensures superb ink quality as well as high efficiency while reducing manual error.”

Ninestar Gets Serious About Bulk Ink

Ninestar has been growing its ink bottles portfolio to keep up with the upbeat trend of super tank printers:

  • Everbrite pigment-based ink and Gloria dye-based ink enabled ensure flawless and durable results.
  • Patented & user-friendly ink bottle design guarantees zero ink leakage during refilling.
  • Automated production assures that customers can enjoy dependable & consistent batch-to-batch quality.

The EverBrite ink with improved performance is used in all G&G ink cartridges and G&G ink bottles.

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