Print-Rite CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer and ABS/PLA Filaments Fulfill Worldwide Standard

Union Technology International (M.C.O.) Co. Ltd., the master global distributor of Print-Rite Imaging Products (Print-Rite), had proudly launched the CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer and ABS/PLA filaments which have received certificates as a recognition of professional standard.

Being the pioneer in the aftermarket printer consumable industry, Print-Rite has demonstrated its leading position by developing the CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer.  The printer generates a high precision printout by using a proprietary design print head; the printer is extremely user friendly with low noise, and a competitive price.  Print-Rite commits to R&D with in-house production ability on print electronic board, firmware and print head.   The printer is also equipped with a proprietary coated glass print table which allows for easy removal of the printed object after printing.

The printer complies with CE and FCC requirements and is endorsed by an external testing laboratory; the CE Certification confirms products are free from toxic/hazardous materials. The FCC Certification is a US safety standard which is required for sales to the US market.  The printer has also passed the China National Quality Supervising Test for Consumables of Printing and Office Automation and meets the requirement of Enterprise Standard and product specifications.

Print-Rite has co-developed the PLA and ABS filament with experts in the US. The PLA and ABS filament is the essence of the technology for precision output and avoids clogging of nozzle.  The filaments meet the REACH requirement – product is free from harmful/hazardous materials with reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity and genotoxicity.

During the first month of its launch, the CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer has gained positive feedback and wide recognition in the market.  Print-Rite respects R&D and innovation; there is an extensive road map for new models to meet known and expected customer demand.


Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
Build Volume:  225*145*150mm
Resolution:  100 microns (0.1mm)
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Chassis:  Black wood, Acrylic
Build Platform:  Aluminum or coated glass
XYZ Bearings:  Steel
Stepper Motors:  1.8º Step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
Dimension:  467*320*380mm
Shipping Dimension: 575*430*495mm
Weight:   10KG
Shipping Weight: 14KG
Software Bundle: Repetier-Host
File Types:  STL. GCADE
Supports:  Windows 7, MAC OX, Linux
Storage Temperature:           0º -32ºC (32º -90ºF)
Ambient Operating Temperature:   15º -32ºC (60º -90ºF)
Power Requirements:           12V DC@6.25 amps
Connectivity:            SD card (included), USB

(Source: UTec)

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