Ninestar EverBrite Inks Promise Better Smudging Resistance

Ninestar EverBrite Inks Promise Better Smudging Resistance

Ninestar EverBrite Inks Promise Better Smudging Resistance

Ninestar EverBrite Inks Promise Better Smudging ResistanceThe new improved inks released under Ninestar’s G&G supplies EverBrite brand have been developed to provide an improved ink performance. Totally unlike the experience of the person in this image.

The 13-year-old EverBrite brand claims to offer superior waterproofing capability to protect important documents.

“It has often been a concern to end-users that should their important paperwork be splashed by liquids it could spell disaster, or at the very least embarrassment,” said Jarek Yang, senior product manager of Ninestar.

“If you accidentally spill a glass of water at your office, for example, your printed report sitting on the table may get wet and become blurry and look very unprofessional.”

Ninestar Re-engineers Inks to be Safer and More ReliableYang (pictured) said the use of waterproof ink to print is a good solution. To this end, he claims the re-engineered EverBrite ink has focused more on safety and sustainability. The company has prepared a video to show the ink is, as they say, H2OK.

“With EverBrite ink, users don’t need to repeat printing when the paper is splashed, because it can keep the good print quality after the splashing. Even when the paper is immersed in water for a long time, the texts and images will still be sharp and clear after drying,” Yang added.

According to Yang, tests revealed the new EverBrite inks outperformed smudging resistance than other brand ink.

The test was run using Epson Ecotank PX-S6710T under normal (default) mode with glossy coated paper.

“It is very common that users forget to change the printer setting when they use new printing media, for example, use glossy coated paper but the printer is still operated with Normal (Default) Mode. In such a situation, our ink still shows better smudging resistance than other brands’. It’s worth mentioning this smudging test was run several minutes later after the testing pages were printed.” Yang explained.

The EverBrite ink with improved performance is used in all G&G ink cartridges and G&G ink bottles.

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