Fuji Xerox Opens Office in Myanmar

Fuji Xerox started up operations in Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, in April with the opening of a new office there. The move will allow Fuji Xerox to expand its business in this emerging market. Economic growth is expected to be high in the area as the number of foreign corporations entering Myanmar increases.

The establishment of the new Myanmar Branch follows Fuji Xerox’s current sales of multifunction devices in Myanmar via a local dealer. The company hopes that it will offer the dealer support in implementing sales activities and sales consulting services. It also expects to help make proposals for other high value-added products.

In preparation for the expansion, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. has been studying the local market and its needs since last October. It claims that it will offer quality proposals to foreign companies that demand services similar to those provided in their home countries. It will also offer products that meet the needs of national and private companies in Myanmar.

As stated by Fuji Xerox, Myanmar has been promoting deregulation since the start of the new government in 2011 which is stimulating its economy. Further, the enactment of the new foreign investment law in 2012 is helping to create a “special economic zone”.

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