Static Control Launches Finished Products in China

The most iconic aftermarket cartridge components company has just launched a range of ready-to-go, remanufactured cartridges on China’s largest e-commerce site,

For more than 25 years, Static Control Components (SCC), based in North Carolina, USA, declared it would not compete against its customers, who purchase cartridge components, with finished goods in the market place.

A press release sent to Recycling Times Media (RT Media) by Cotton Lee, Marketing Manager based at SCC in Zhuhai, China, advises that a number of new components and products have been released on the popular Chinese e-commerce shop.

The website at is all in Chinese, but it is clear that a range of SCC branded color, remanufactured cartridges, suitable for use in HP 1215 and other printers (see images) are for sale at ¥266, equivalent to US$42, each.  Ms Lee toldRT Media, “Plans are in place to expand the product range offered through Tmall in the coming months.” She further explained that Tmall is an important strategy to growing SCCs market share in China because it “is a highly localized sales channel to fill the needs for the small buyers and end users.”

Rumors about SCC launching finished products into a number of booming markets including China, Africa and other regions have been circulating for months. RT Media contacts now report that finished, remanufactured products sporting the SCC brand were on display at a recent trade show in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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