Multi-million Dollar Increase Following Acquisition

A leading provider of the business process optimization in the Midwest of America has acquired an Illinois first-rate supplier of office technologies and supplies.

According to, Impact Networking, LLC (Impact) has acquired Illinois Paper & Copier Company of Bolingbrook, IL (Illinois Paper). With this acquisition, the current value of Impact will increase from US$63 million in 2016 to US$100 million in 2017.

Illinois Paper is the second largest independent dealer of office technologies and supplies in Chicago. It has a good record on customer service for over 35 years. The company is a certified Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Dealer like Impact.

Upon this acquisition, Impact will also offer Kyocera equipment to customers of Illinois Paper to enrich its digital office equipment offerings. Their long-term partnership with Kyocera will be consolidated as well.

Dan Meyer, the president of Impact said, “Illinois Paper has great sales people and a great business model. We are going to diversify their offerings by implementing several services they currently do not offer.”

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