No Cost Printer Program For Consumers

Cartridge World has launched a program aiming to help its customers improve printing efficiency.

As revealed, Cartridge World’s new No Cost Printer Program can provide customers with free printers, maintenance and repairs if they have bought Cartridge World cartridges.

So long as customers have signed an exclusive contract with the company when buying its cartridges, Cartridge World will provide them with a specific printer. The type of printer given to the customers is based on their individual business requirements.

Moreover, customers who have signed the agreement will enjoy all the company’s services of installations, maintenance, and repairs whenever they have a problem. Cartridge World also promises to respond within 48 hours to fix their customers’ issues. In addition, customers can cancel the agreement at any time if they are unsatisfied with Cartridge World’s products or services.

Customers who want to join Cartridge World’s No Cost Printer Program can follow easy steps online or call your local Cartridge World to sign up.

Click here for more information.

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