Latin American Expo Considered for Mexico

Organisers are calling for an expression of interest from suppliers, recyclers and distributors in a Spanish-speaking trade show in Cancun, Mexico.

This would be the first time in almost seven years that the Spanish-speaking industry has assembled for courses, seminars, updates, contact with suppliers and liaison between recyclers and associations.

“Cancun is the best and easiest location for an industry event as it can easily attract exhibitors and rechargers from Southern USA, as well as South America,” says Ivan Rosales, who runs the Latin American office for Recycling Times Media. “Geographically, Mexico shares the largest border with the United States, making both countries permanent partners. It is a thriving part of the booming Central America region, and its proximity (territorial, cultural and language) with South America makes this country a very attractive meeting point.”

Mexico has a rich cultural heritage including pre-Columbian pyramids, colonial palaces as well as modern, high technology architecture. Rosales says, “With its beaches being among the finest in the world and its tourism and business infrastructure of such high quality, it’s no wonder Mexico is the number 13 most travelled to destination in the world.”

Rosales is requesting all expressions of interest and comments should be sent to him at

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