Brother Rolls out 100 ppm IJ Printer

Brother recently introduced a corporate inkjet printer, the HL-S7000DN, which it says can handle large print jobs with its 800 MHz CPU. Brother claims the printer can process up to 100 pages per minute (ppm) and up to 30,000 pages with a single ink cartridge equipped with 5,198 print head nozzles.

According to Brother, the HL-S7000DN—which features Cold Process Technology—can help lower operating costs. The company noted that the technology offers “a low energy consumption of 130 watts while printing” and “a Typical Electrical Consumption (TEC) value of 1.5 watt-hours per week.”

Further, Brother announced the new printer is ISO 117098 certified, which means printed materials are archival and can be read after prolonged exposure to light, water, and storage.

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