HYB Launches New Dedicated Color Toner for HP Copiers

HYB has launched a new toner formula TG-526 for HP Managed CLJ MFP E77822/E77825/E77830 machines with toner code W9040MC/9041MC/9042MC/9043MC. HYB banner1

This toner is specially designed for HP copiers with trickle-feed technology, which requires high-quality and compatible toner.

HYB Mr. Gu

Mr. Gu, the technical director of HYB, highlighted the benefits of their toner compared to other aftermarket toners:HYB product list

• HYB toner is tailored for HP Managed CLJ MFP E77822/E77825/E77830 machines, while most aftermarket toners use toner W9050MC/9051MC/9052MC/9053MC, which is for HP Managed CLJ MFP E87640/E87650/E87660 machines. This ensures better compatibility and reverse-compatibility with the original toner.
• HYB dedicated toner for the mentioned models has a high transfer rate of around 85%, while other aftermarket toners have a low transfer rate of around 60%. This translates to higher print quality and lower cost per page.

Previously, HYB has also developed another toner formula for HP Managed CLJ MFP E87640/E87650/E87660 machines with trickle-feed technology. With these two toner formulas, HYB has demonstrated its innovation and expertise in the aftermarket industry.



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