The G&G One-stop-shop To Satisfy All Printing Needs

The G&G One-stop-shop To Satisfy All Printing Needs

The G&G One-stop-shop To Satisfy All Printing Needs

The G&G One-stop-shop To Satisfy All Printing NeedsG&G prides itself on being more than just an ordinary distributor of printing supplies with its one-stop-shop business model.

Since it was established in 2000, G&G has focused on satisfying the variety of imaging products and service needs of its customers. Its key market advantage is its use of innovative technologies to deliver premium quality products at affordable prices. Consequently, it has established itself as a leading provider of toners, inks, ribbons and many other value-added products.

G&G’s partners say these are the top reasons why they choose the global brand:

  1. Premium Ink Cartridges in Every Range: G&G covers an extensive scope with its inks including wide format, business inkjet, and Dual-Eco series as well as ink bottles, and ink packs.
    1. In March 2023, G&G introduced its Dual-Eco Inkjet lineup — T9451 series ink pack, a wallet-friendly and eco-conscious solution. This is a sustainable option for users to help them reduce their carbon footprint by using less plastic while achieving a higher yield. G&G has expanded the Dual-Eco inkjet line with non-ink-pack desktop inkjet models such as the Epson 603XL and Epson 405XL.
    2. G&G business inkjet solutions can meet the needs of large-scale, high speed and quality document printing. They are available for use in Epson WorkForce Pro, Epson WorkForce Enterprise, HP OfficeJet Pro, HP OfficeJet Enterprise, HP PageWide, Canon MAXIFY, Ricoh Aficio, and the Brother INKvestment series of printers.
  2. Premium Toner Cartridges in Every Category: The wide range of G&G toners including color cartridges and the G&G Reborn series, toner reload kits, and the Jumbo series.
    1. G&G Reborn is a green solution for use in Ricoh MP/IM series and other A3 copiers, which feature 100% remanufactured toner powders, 100% remanufactured empties and smart chips. It has OEM genes, providing OEM-like printing experience and quality but without the OEM price tag.
    2. G&G Jumbo Color Cartridges have an extended page yield, achieving up to 5 times more pages than standard-yield cartridges, offering a more competitive cost per page. G&G JUMBO replacement Kyocera 5140 color cartridges, HP CF360X remanufactured color cartridges are the best choices for large-volume printing industries including education, healthcare, and finance.
  3. A Variety of Value-Added Products: G&G has many portable, lightweight products you can use on the Go.
    1. The G&G Handheld Inkjet Printer is your mobile, easy-to-use printing solution that benefits your time and money.
    2. In addition, the G&G GO Photo Printer is a mini, cartridge-free printer that allows users to print fun-filled moments anywhere from their smartphones in 1-2 minutes—with zero ink.
    3. G&G Photo Papers offer brilliant, waterproof, and durable outputs with a smooth surface. Not only does it work with the G&G GO photo printer, but it is truly universal, working with every printer. G&G photo papers are available in a range of categories including high glossy inkjet photo papers, ultra-premium glossy inkjet photo papers, sticky-back high glossy inkjet photo papers, and light heat transfer papers.
  4. All-sided Customer Service Agent: The responsive and top-notch G&G team is committed to delivering after-sales service. G&G’s goal is to exceed standards and exceed the expectations of our customers.

There is a team of experienced engineers who are always accountable to customers, ensuring that every printing problem is addressed quickly and correctly. Also, G&G has its own local service and technology centers around the world to provide you with a quick response within 24 hours.



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