HYB Demonstrates Drums Replacement for DK-1150

HYB Demonstrates Drums Replacement for DK-1150

HYB Demonstrates Drums Replacement for DK-1150

Remanufactured DK-1150 drum units for ECOSYS P2040/2235/2335/M2040/2135/2540/2635/2640/2735/2835 are commonly found in the market. However, technicians often face the challenge of finding a drum unit with a long lifespan. That’s where HYB comes in.

“At HYB, we believe in transparency and have taken to popularizing the remanufacturing process through our YouTube channel. We understand the importance of a durable drum unit, and we’re happy to share the secrets of the production process with you via the below video,” said Kim Lee, Vice General Manager and International Sales Director of HYB.

“By choosing HYB’s remanufactured DK-1150 drum units with the proper installation process, you’ll benefit from our expertise and commitment to quality. Our drum units are designed to provide reliable, high-quality printing, and have a longer lifespan than other remanufactured options on the market,” Lee added.

Launched on Feb.13, HYB’s new spare parts video channel for technicians and customers features premium content with a professional step-by-step operation process.



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