Cartridge World’s Darren Turner Helps Save Printing Cost

West Riding Hyundai, a car dealer based in Colne, UK, announced it saves over £5,000 a year in printing costs through the partnership with Cartridge World’s Darren Turner (pictured).

As was revealed, Turner discussed printer issues with Managing Director Nick Wright and Aftersales Manager Jonathon Wright at West Ridings. Turner suggested that West Ridings’ should use four fully maintained business inkjet printers for the sales, parts and accounts departments. The devices were supplied under Cartridge World’s Infinity printing scheme and replacing high end laser color printers. In addition to new printers, Turner and his team also provided unlimited replacement cartridges for a fixed monthly fee of £19.99 per printer. Finally, Turner helped West Riding save over £5,000 per annum. (Read more about Infinite Printing at

“Printing, whether it’s for sales, accounting, marketing or the service department is essential to our business. Like most organizations that must a make a profit to survive, we keep a keen eye on costs. But completing a printer audit hadn’t even entered onto our radar,” said Nick Wright. “We’ve now got improved printing, at a lower cost and thanks to the printing schemes supplied by Darren and his team at Cartridge World Office Supplies, if anything goes wrong with a printer – that’s covered too!”

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