Cartridge World Initiatives Campaign to Help Small Businesses Save Money

According to Cartridge World, there are many ways in which small businesses can crack the high cost of printing. As was revealed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 5.5 million U.S. businesses with 50 or fewer staff members. Cartridge World observes if just 10% of these businesses turned to remanufactured cartridges, they could annually save $500 million, with the average small business reducing $1,000 or more annually. William Swanson, North American CEO of Cartridge World, says, “Our goal is to help small businesses understand what drives the high cost of printing and present alternatives to significantly reduce their cost.”

During an interview in the news segment of Fox Business – Markets Now, Bill Swanson discussed the high cost of ink and tips on how to save ink. (Read more about Bill Swanson’s interview at

Swanson said Cartridge World will match customers’ actual printing needs with the right equipment. He promised businesses can save 30% off full-priced OEM cartridges by buying Cartridge World’s replacement cartridges which are 100% guaranteed.

Cartridge World offers a handful of time- and money-saving advantages to small businesses, which are as follows:

  • Businesses can be privy to their printer cartridge savings with an online calculator.
  • The company provides a free CW Print Manager™ App to monitor printer use, so it never runs out of ink or toner. Also, a free EasyOrder online ordering App is available.
  • The company provides free next-day delivery for local business customers.
  • Cartridge World supports recycling empty printer cartridges, small electronics and old printers.

On March 28, RecyclingTimes reported on Cartridge World’s support for the New Jersey ink bill with “Stop the Ink-Sanity” campaign. (Read more about “Stop the Ink-Sanity” campaign at Now the leading ink and toner retailer and franchisor’s “Stop the Ink-Sanity” campaign is set to help small businesses save money, echoing UK’s National Small Business Week (May 12-16, 2014).

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