HYB Strengthens Partnership in Malaysia

HYB Strengthens Partnership in Malaysia

To strengthen partnership with distributors, HYB delegates traveled to Malaysia to meet with one of its most important partners, EDS.

During the trip, HYB engaged with local dealers and distributors and conducted market research to understand customer demands.

HYB Strengthens Partnership in Malaysia

The visit also included comprehensive sales training for the EDS sales crew. They discussed current market status, customer preferences, and industry competition, gaining a deeper understanding of EDS’s challenges and offering targeted strategies to help overcome obstacles. “The sales training covered a range of topics, including product knowledge and sales techniques, and we worked closely with the EDS team to develop customized solutions,” said the spokesperson of HYB.

HYB Strengthens Partnership in Malaysia

“We value the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with EDS, meeting face-to-face, building trust and rapport, and gaining a deeper understanding of their business needs. Together, we aim to reach customers looking for premium quality toner for photocopiers, as well as those dissatisfied with Aftermarket toners currently available,” the spokesperson add.

HYB Strengthens Partnership in Malaysia

HYB is committed to building strong relationships with partners worldwide. “Our visit to Malaysia is just one example of our dedication to this principle. We look forward to continuing to work closely with EDS and other partners to help them achieve their goals and grow their businesses,” said the spokesperson.



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